Bold colours and statement pieces

Bold colours and statement pieces

Tip-toe into the land of colorful strands by dip-dyeing the tips of your ’do in a pretty rainbow hue, like Ashley Tisdale (right). If this feels too edgy for you, try colourful clip-in extensions. You get the same fun, punky look without the permanent commitment. There is some gorgeous pink dip-dye extensions available at Wonderland Wigs that I’d love to get my hands on! I feel like I’m late on the arrival of the ombre look but maybe I’m not too late for the bold statement tips? What’s your thoughts on dip-dye colours?

Take a cue from Katy Perry, who is a huge fan of bright eyes. The first step is to prime your eyes for color, with the smudge-proof primer of your choice. Sticking to mostly bright shades, start at the lash line and work your way up to the crease with the bright color of your choice. To add balance, apply a dark, matte, complementary shade in the crease o

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