Blurred Lines at the Shed - THEATRE REVIEW

Blurred Lines at the Shed - THEATRE REVIEW

Crisp, bold, witty and utterly engaging this piece, I felt, only touched on the beginning of an essential conversation. As a mother of 2 girls I am acutely aware that they are entering a minefield of gender politics. There is a naive belief that gender equality has been achieved already. Todays challenge is to tackle and beat the discrimination that women experience on a daily basis including the alarming Social media misogyny that threatens to mute the female voice. Caroline Criado-Perez  campaigned for Jane Austin to be the first woman on a British  banknote. A harmless proposition that resulted in a despicable, menacing tirade of Twitter abuse including gang rape, beatings and genatalia mutilation. The most frightening aspect for me, for my girls,  in society today is that Robin Thicke’s song and video, Blurred Lines from which the title of the play was taken is perceived as socially accepted by so many. Yes it was controversial and banned from student unions, rightly so, but it was still the best selling single of 2013.

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