Blue Reykjavik

I've recently got back from an absolutely excellent family holiday in Iceland, with around 1500 photos to prove it! I'm rather overwhelmed by the task of editing them and writing about all our experiences, but I need to get back into blogging after a very slack few weeks. Where to start? I have plenty of half-baked ideas bursting out of my head though they all need tweaking and further thought, especially so as not to simply repeat what many others have said about this incredible nation before me. Here I am, back in the intense yellow light of the Côte d'Azur, recalling a reflection I made while wandering around the streets of Reykjavik one grey, overcast, drizzly day last week. Trying not to moan too much about the totally horrible flat light for photography it struck me that the city wasn't grey at all. It's well documented that the capital of Iceland is a colourful city, seen from above it's almost lego-like with brightly coloured roofs on top of the corrugated iron and wooden houses. But from ground level, the overwhelming dominant colour downtown appeared to me to be blue.

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Gluten free scones

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