Blowing away the cobweb on a windy/sunny day

Blowing away the cobweb on a windy/sunny day

It's been pretty wet recently, so as soon as the sun came out we were off.

It was a little wet underfoot but that was to be expected.

We headed to the park equipped with spare clothes, a flask of hot chocolate and a towel to dry the swings and slide.

Although the sun was shining the wind was also blowing and it was a little chilly however the faster you move the warmer you are - as I informed the kids.

They loved being outside blowing away the cobwebs of being stuck inside for so long.

Harry has discovered he can now climb the steps to the slide alone although prefers to try to copy Emmy by climbing up the wrong way!

A few hours in the sun was just what we needed, fun was had by all and Harry had a lovely long afternoon snooze and Emmy slept well too. - See more at:

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