Tips for Keeping Your Hair, Skin and Nails Healthy this Autumn and Winter!

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Autumn and winter can be brutal on your skin, hair and nails. The lack of vitamin D and the bitter cold air and heat can do a number on these three areas of your body.

The lack of sunshine prevents you from getting your daily dose of natural vitamin D, which helps your skin, hair, and nails stay healthy. You can always take a vitamin D supplement but experts believe that extra vitamin D should come from your diet.

Foods you can include in your diet are yogurt, cheese, milk, and any food high in vitamin D.

Your skin will most likely need a good moisturizer this time of the year. Going out into the cold air can dry out your skin, hair and even your nails. Unfortunately, so can artificial heat. Therefore, whether you are outside in the cold or inside where it is warm, your skin, hair and nails are all taking a “beating.”

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