Blogging 101 -ish: Lets Get It TOGETHER!

Look. The fact of the matter is, all my energy is spent managing other people’s domain so when it comes to my own. I’m just like, WHATEVER DUDE! Once upon a time, I was a great blogger and then I stopped. During my long hiatus I took some courses on marketing and social media in the mid-2000s that I would later find useful when I would start blogging again.

The first thing people need to understand is; BLOGGING IS NOT THAT HARD! You have as many resources as some of the bloggers that make a million a year on blogging (Yes, a select few make that much). All it takes is dedication, good content and not comparing yourself to others.

This guide is for those who are either a quick study, who AT THE LEAST understands what blogging is, or people who currently blog and want to do it better (myself included, but I can mark some of these off my list..*BLOOP*). With that said, let’s get down to business, shall we?

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