Bloggers Beware

Bloggers Beware

A few weeks I ago I received an email from a digital marketing company, one of those that specialises in placing video ads on blogs. If you're a blogger, you'll probably know the ones I mean and you might have had similar emails yourself. You may have even had the exact same email.

At the time, my interest was piqued (and I felt slightly flattered I have to say) but I decided against filling in my personal details (name, blog name, PayPal address etc) as requested and so didn't register with the company. It was the first time I had been approached; I just wasn't sure how it all worked (there was barely any info in the email), and at that point didn't really have the time to find out. Plus my boyfriend said it might be a scam.

I did what all good New Yorkers do and forgot about it.

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