Blogfest 2013

Blogfest 2013 I went to Blogfest 2013 on Saturday. Seeing how Blogfest is an annual conference for bloggers organised by Mumsnet, it was meant for what is sometimes called "mummy-bloggers". Mostly it's called like that by people who try to insult us, because, as I learnt in Blogfest - "mummy" is a derogative word when not coming out of a five years old's mouth. Feel free to disagree. I know I did. Going to Blogfest was a very big step for me. It was my first blogging conference, actually it was my first ever professional conference. And let's be honest here - I am socially awkward at the best of circumstances. I don't like small-talk, or mingling, or people. I know you think it's because of the English, and my being new to the world of professional blogging and the UK, but it's not. Not that my funny accent helps, but I was bad at all this in Hebrew too. I think if I had to find one word to describe myself best it would be "outsider". I am the one on the fringe looking in. And I like it. But it makes going to events

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