Blog Every Day in August: A Day in Our Life

Blog Every Day in August: A Day in Our Life

5:50 Alarm goes off. I lay in bed until the 6am news, trying to will my eyes to open. S usually cries, wanting a drink and a cracker.

6am Get up, have a shower while S totters about the place. She often comes in and leans over the side of the bath to watch the water splashing. Many times she'll bring inappropriate bath toys in for me, like books and electronic toys. If I am too vigorous in my asking her not to throw them in the water, she cries.

6:10am Get out of the shower and attempt to apply various lotions and potions whilst keeping S entertained, picking her up when she falls over, tripping over her toys etc. Wish I'd had the forethought to put together an outfit the night before. Try to remember to apply makeup so as not to horrify my work colleagues.

7am is the cut-off point for making sure we are downstairs. I get S some breakfast and she sits in the highchair merrily flinging it at me or the walls while I go online, check my emails and Facebook notifications etc.

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