Blog Customisation Tips?

My very first post on this blog was way back at the end of Dec 2011 and if I’m honest I can’t believe it’s been going for that long. I haven’t posted nearly as much as I could have. Back then Little Prince was still not at nursery and I was a very busy mum who wasn’t really sure how to organise herself, fast forward to now and I have a lot more time to myself. This means I can concentrate on me for a while, well a few hours in the day at least. The style of my blog hasn’t changed that much if I’m honest, it’s always been one of the simpler templates that Blogger give you and I haven’t really messed about with it too much. Until now this hasn’t bothered me, I figured that having a simple blog wouldn’t matter. Since spending a lot more time blogging and sharing and visiting others’ blogs I’ve noticed that mine looks very… dull. There is so much that I don’t like about it and I intend to change things. That is once I learn how.

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