Blog Broody

All I want to do is write, write and write some more since my visit to Mumsnet Blogfest on Saturday its like I am itching and I need to scratch it. This is such an odd place to be I have never felt like this before. The only thing I can relate this to is when I wanted to have my boys! Oh my goodness I am blog broody! How can I feel so much for this new obsession, yes I do think obsession is the right word.But should I start with short stories, kids books, reviews or just my daily views on lifes little journeys. and issues that surround them. Should I be reactive or proactive. The voices in my head are shouting so loudly ’just write and see what happens’ a bit like ‘if you build it they will come!’ from Wayne’s World or Field of Dreams though I am sure that some one really prolific must have said it before it started to be added into films…… maybe God to Noah?

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