Bleeding Cobweb Cupcakes

Bleeding Cobweb Cupcakes

I think these would be perfect for a themed party or if you were baking with children, they would find it fun to feather the chocolate to make the cobwebs. I would have loved to have made a full size batch of these but seeing as there is only me in the house who could eat these because I didn't make them with gluten free flour I was sensible and only made four. I think I must have used enough chocolate to make the full batch though because I kept, erm, sampling the white chocolate then the dark chocolate. Then I got into a mess when I started the decoration and had to melt another lot but I most certainly wasn't going to let the previous stuff go to waste. My uni friends wouldn't have minded helping me out though if I had made the full batch. One morning I had been sat with a few of the guys for five minutes before heading up to the lab when one said "Have you got any cake?".

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