Blackcurrant Frozen Yoghurt

Until a few weeks ago I had never ever been to a pick your own.   Apart from blackberries I’d always relied on someone else, usually the supermarket, to pick, package and provide me with the fruit and vegetables I ate.  And I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.   Half my fridge is probably dedicated to them and they rarely go off.   I’m quite good at eating them all up.  And yes, I’m quite smug about it too! But, going back to the subject of pick your own.   This summer it has become a weekly trip out for Little Miss Spice, Master Spice and me.  Little Miss Spice is very picky eater so we try to pick something new each time, as well as lots of strawberries and raspberries.   I’m hoping it might help encourage her to try/eat a few more vegetables and although she was happy to try the broccoli we picked last week, it didn’t stay in her mouth long and one try was enough.

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