Blackcurrant Croissant Cheese Cake Recipe

Blackcurrant Croissant Cheese Cake Recipe It’s been awhile since I have popped into the kitchen to enjoy some random baking and coming up with some alternative to the things I love to cook all the time. I have been wanting to share this favorite for some time now and it was only after I had a dessert peach version of it at a hotel recently that made me think up this recipe. While I couldn’t run in the kitchen and ask the chef for the peach recipe I decided I would give a try with what I had in my own cupboard already. Blackcurrant pie filling is always in the cupboard for the nights I want to make homemade ice cream and I haven’t seen peach pie filling anywhere so I thought my version would take on blackcurrants instead. It turned out better than I expected to be honest. While I think the peach version also used more of a puff pastry dough, I opted for the croissants in the fridge! Sometimes the best recipes are the ones we throw together. That couldn’t be more true for most of mine family recipes here on LTM.

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