Blackberry (Bramble Berry) Jam 2.0

Blackberry (Bramble Berry) Jam 2.0

Other things I've enjoyed about summer include having had the chance to experiment more and blog more as well as discovering the delights of Pinterest and how many other wonderful blogs there are out there. I think my dog and I have spent some quality time together too even if Cassie has sulked because I'm not her dad. I'm her best friend when I take her for a walk at least. If I had to choose a season I would say I am more of an autumn girl. I don't want to give a typical reason like the colours of the falling leaves and being able to kick huge piles of them about even though I like those things too, it's just autumn is more me. I said in my Rich Chocolate Ice Cream post that I welcome summer and it's true but there are some things about the end of the season and the beginning of the nest that I look forward to even more. Like blackberries for one. And blackberry jam.

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