Black in the summertime

Mama Likes... Black in the summertime

I love wearing colour. Bring on bright brights, shocking neons (perhaps not head-to-toe, I am, ahem, over 30 after all), and even loud prints at times. And of course, black. I always come back to black, no matter what the time of year is. In summer, the juxtaposition works even better.

I love white in the winter - a white dress with black opaques and towering wedges; a white cashmere or wool sweater whisper warmth and luxury; white jeans with a black top look cool and effortless (and childless, clearly. At least not of the wipe their hands/faces/noses on you type of offspring. Toddler-less to be exact). And in summer, I can't dismiss black.

There's something perennially classic about black. It doesn't try too hard, it just IS. I'm not just talking an LBD for evening-wear either. A flowing black maxi dress, set off by gold jewellery maybe, a flouncy black dress with details in the cut or fabric, or black capri pants with a simple t-shirt. Wearing black, the details jump out, unhindered by print, not distracted by colour. And somehow, black always looks groomed.

There's even physics to back it up! To put it simply -

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