Black Forest Smoothie

Black Forest Smoothie

Yes, it’s another of my dessert-based smoothies, which have been something of a hit. This Black Forest Smoothie has all the flavours you would expect in it - chocolate and cherries to be precise.

As always, these are very easy to make. I started with some frozen sweet black cherries, thawed or partially thawed and a frozen banana, again thawed. Freezing the bananas makes them super-sweet when thawed and become a perfect consistency for whizzing up in the processor.

I always think that a drop of almond extract also enhances the taste of cherries, so there is a wee bit of that in there too.

And of course, a dessert based smoothie is nothing without a drop of vanilla extract. I added a little bit of sweetness with a teaspoon of agave syrup. If you don’t have that on hand then a bit of honey would do the trick too.

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