Black Forest Brownie Stacks

Black Forest Brownie Stacks - Crumbs and Corkscrews

There are times I can be completely and utterly dense. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had that “Errr…” moment when the blindly obvious really doesn’t make sense or come to mind. I remember sitting in one of my GCSE exams, many years ago, thinking how on earth you spelt “the”. Yes, how to spell “the”, blindly obvious, simple and oh so basic, but I remember sitting there for what seemed like 5 minutes trying to work it out. Please tell me I’m not the only one, please!

The same thing happened when I started seeing “BFG” on dessert menus. Now for anyone who didn’t avidly read Roald Dahl as a child, and an adult, this probably hasn’t happened to you. Whilst for 99.9% of the population would say “Oh yes, Black Forest gateaux” for me it was “Yippee, someone’s created a Road Dahl BFG themed dessert. Cool!” Oh dear… It really did take placing a BFG in front of me to realise that we were talking about Black Forest gateaux; the cake dessert of vivid childhood memories.

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