Black and White Animal Cupcakes

Black and White Animal Cupcakes I’m so proud of these little cupcakes.  There’s room for improvement certainly.  Next time I would use a slightly larger cutter to cut the piece of fondant that covers the top of the cupcake.  I would also knead the black fondant a little more before modeling the cat too, just to get a  smoother body.  I have to admit to having had the packet of black fondant in my cupboard for slightly too long so it had gone a little hard around the edges, even though it was sealed in the packet.

I actually made 9 cupcakes but only managed to decorate three of them.   Little Miss Spice was decorating the other ones and of course she kept trying to get her hands on the ones I had.  When it came to eating them, as always she chose to eat the ones I’d decorated and I ate the ones she’d ‘decorated’.

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