Birthday bumps

Birthday bumps Do you remember the birthday bumps? That ‘fun’ playground tradition of being thrown around in the air on your birthday? I used to shudder at how far from fun it looked. Luckily I’m pretty fast on my feet so no one caught me. And now I’m all grown up and I no longer live in fear of birthday related injuries, which is a relief because this month is littleeandbean’s first birthday! Who knew I’d be able to ramble on for a whole year?! It’s quite the achievement. I used to worry that I’d run out of things to talk about, and I never anticipated that I’d enjoy blogging as much as I do, but I so enjoy it and somehow, luckily, I keep finding more I want to say.

It’s amazing what this little space of Internet has given me. Littleeandbean has become a place where I can remember, move on, celebrate, grieve, talk, debate, think, collect my thoughts and connect.

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