BIRTH WEEK GUEST POST: "An environment conducive for birthing"


I’m aware that for some people, being closer to a hospital makes them feel secure and therefore that’s the right choice for them because its where they will feel more relaxed. As someone once said to me, hospitals are nice places, it’s where babies are born! I think women should, of course have the choice of where they give birth, and feel positive and supported about their choice. I just wish that wherever they are, they can have an environment that is conducive to birthing!

So I wholeheartedly welcome NICE's proposal and hope that it will not only encourage many more women to feel confident to give birth at home or at a birth centre but that it will also catalyse a sea change in cultural attitudes to pregnancy and birth, to the benefit of all women, babies and their partners and families, no matter where and how they give birth.

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