BIRTH WEEK: Childbirth is a "social, not a medical, event" Sheena Byrom OBE, Midwife

BIRTH WEEK: Childbirth is a

In the first instalment of BIRTH WEEK, we hear from inspirational midwife, Sheena Byrom OBE, on her role as a midwife, supporting women in childbirth and the current state of maternity services in the UK.

1. What first inspired you to train as a midwife?

Well, my aunt was a midwife and frequently told me stories of how she loved her job. I suppose the real inspiration came when I was working as a student nurse, doing maternity experience as part of my training. I was invited to actually help with the birth of baby, to actually catch the baby, with the midwife’s hands covering mine. I couldn’t believe it…the woman was so powerful. That moment changed my career pathway!

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