Bijai Mandal - a forgotten monument !!!

Bijai Mandal - a forgotten  monument !!!

is there someone?? Who is raising voice for our so old and precious then platinum heritages and unique historical monuments and there enhancement and maintenance.I went to ( Bijai-mandala)part of hauj khaas fort for the first time along with my friends this week, it was my weekly test day so we got a one hour break so decided to explore some new dimensions of our mysterious city. As we reached the gate of this fort which is differentiated in many parts at the locality of hauj khas (one of the most sensitive places and mix-up of ancient culture and modernization) we were welcomed by a bunch of boys playing gilli danda and cricket. I was left amused by this gesture. It seems we have no value for these precious structures. As we entered in it we were amused by its architecture and art. As a science student I can think how much it would have been tough for them to build without any help of mechanical help of technology, but instead of preserving these priceless sculptures we are disfiguring and defacing them.

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