Big benefits row- it's all a bit puzzling really

Big benefits row- it's all a bit puzzling really

How many of us were suckered into watching the big benefits row last night? I was!

Yes I knew that Hopkins woman would just be rude and insulting because that what they pay her for, and Currie was never going to be rational or say something useful (and in fact the whistling of her dentures was more distracting than the drivel coming out of her mouth)

Despite the rent-a-mouth members of the panel I did hope to hear some sensible words from Mr Livingstone and was looking forward to hearing from Jack Monroe  a woman I have a lot of time for. I was even prepared to listen to people from the other side of the argument – people who believe benefits should be stopped or cut back further. If you can give a reasoned argument and listen with respect to those people around you and engage in civilised discussion then I will give your opinion the opportunity to be heard. Although I won’t agree with you !

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