Bicarbonate of soda : Gold Sprinkles

Let’s be serious. Bicarbonate of soda looks very banal. You might not know but besides helping us to create fantastic cakes and bakes “bicarb” can also help you around the house.

Deodorant – If you run out of your normal deodorant then you can always use bicarb. Just put some in a little container and after your shower just wet your fingers , dip in bicarb and rub your under arm. Bad smells will stay away for a while. Be gentle when rubbing though. If you just shave your under arm hair though the advice is not to do it straight away.

Toothpaste - You spend the night at your boyfriend or you are simply out of toothpaste? Follow the same process above by wetting your toothbrush and dip in the bicarb and then brush. You might have the surprise to notice that your teeth feel cleaner and whiter.

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