Beyond Tired

Beyond Tired

What shall I do today..

Do you ever wake up thinking that?

For me, it's been a very long time, maybe ten years.  I'm thinking of a weekend away in Cambridge with friends from the UK.  I cried on the way back to the airport.  Somehow I knew that it was not going to happen again.

The breaks in Wexford have stopped too, and with them that heady sense of freedom from real life as I headed south towards sun and sea, even with three kids in tow.  At home you can never escape the 'to do' list.  The cobwebs, the repairs, the therapy, the letters, the phone calls, the emails, the pressure that never ends.

Mid term has been fairly quiet, you would be shocked at how little we've done.  I've slept for almost 8 hours some nights.  Yet I feel exhausted.  Visiting a friend with the kids, I found it almost impossible to peel myself off her armchair, but I couldn't relax into it either!

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