Best things to do at SeaWorld Orlando

Best things to do at SeaWorld Orlando

I’m centimetres away from a group of dolphins, close enough to see the way their smiley mouths turn up at the corners and the nuances of their skin colour. I’m standing at the edge of a pool with my husband and children in the observation area of SeaWorld Orlando’s Dolphin Cove and I’m spellbound. Right next to us is a roped-off area containing a line of people who’ve queued to feed the dolphins. By chance we’re standing next to the rope just before feeding time, and it’s absolutely the perfect place to observe these beautiful creatures.

If pushed I’d say this was my highlight of our trip to SeaWorld Orlando, but we had such a wonderful day there that it’s difficult to choose. I visited the park for the first time in May to preview the new Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin ride for the FT. I loved my day there but found it odd to be at an amazing theme park while my children were thousands of miles away.

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