Best Text Ever.

Best Text Ever.

Last week Sparky aka The Male Teen embarked on a school trip to Wales for a camping/adventure holiday. As we arrived to drop him off I experienced the full horror of an "Embarrassed Teen" first hand. These symptoms included............................

1. Head drooped to below shoulder level.

2. Mumbled goodbye (well, I think that's what he said).

3. When head was lifted it was brightly coloured in a fetching shade of red.

4. Once on coach curtains were pulled to firmly evade any chance of a tearful goodbye.

To be fair, every teenage boy behaved the exact same way and in a moment of togetherness we as parents bonded for a very short space in time. I wanted to charge onto the coach, yank back the curtains and order them to wave to the women who had pushed them into this world. I wanted to scream that we all loved them and that we were going to miss them. I wanted to lay on the road in front of the huge coach until he told me that he loved me.

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