Berry picking

Berry picking

I have always wanted to go foraging, pick berries and make something with them and I was determined to do it this Autumn. Hooray for doing something I have always wanted to do! We woke up early on Sunday morning, wrapped up in scarves, jackets and boots and headed out into the next village. We parked the car and trundled through a muddy path and a few gates and arrived in a field I had heard where full of blackthorn trees which grow sloe berries.

We were not disappointed - there were loads of trees abundant with the powdery blue berries and we got picking. It was a beautiful clear morning but it was very cold. We managed to pick a couple of kilo's (we couldn't believe how many once we got home) and we are going to make sloe gin for Christmas gifts this year. Sloe gin is easy to make and while I have never tasted it, I have heard it is lovely neat over ice or very refreshing with some tonic water.

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