Berner's Tavern, London

Berner's Tavern, London They guy cannot put a foot wrong. Our first ever fine-dining trip to London saw us fall in love with Jason Atherton's cooking. We planned to visit Ramsay's Royal Hospital Road, but in our infinite wisdom decided on a light lunch at Maze first. That turned into an eight course tasting menu, around another twenty plus at RHR later that night, and the very real threat of gout on the way home.

Since then, we have frequented Maze Grill, Pollen Street Social and Little Social in quick succession.

We have never had a bad course from his kitchens, let alone a bad meal. I get the impression Jason isn't really too fussed with the pomp and ceremony required under the notorious Gordon Ramsay Holdings, preferring a 'smart casual' approach to his food. This is British cookery at its absolute best; simplicity is in charge, with the real skill being in the flavours. Think big.

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