Berlin On Bike

Berlin On Bike

Last week First Daughter and I travelled together to Berlin and spent three days in the funky German capital. We both loved the summer atmosphere there and were blessed with fantastic weather.

One of the highlights of our trip was definitely our Fat Tire Bike Tour. We arrived on Thursday half an hour early for the All In One tour we had decided on. After enquiring in the bike rental shop, located at the bottom of the Fernsehturm, we were directed to the guide waiting on the other side. As we approached, my heart sank. He was holding a long list of reservations, something I had not done as it said on their website that it was possible but not necessary. I asked him if we could get on and he replied that the tour was full. As I was frantically trying to find another option the guide came up to me and said to hang around, that he could perhaps sort things out for us. I am glad that we did as they decided to split the group and therefore we could join in. However, neither First Daughter nor I realised that we were getting on the wrong tour…

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