Bentley Woodfair in Photos – Take One

Bentley Woodfair in Photos – Take One

On Sunday we were feeling a little bored and more than a little underwhelmed with the weather, which was supposed to be glorious. So to quell our itchy feet we decided to head to Bentley Woodfair, an annual gathering of foresters, wood carvers, furniture makes and generally “woody” people. Alex is a forester who works cutting trees away from powerlines (so you don’t get a powercut everytime a branch breaks!) so he obviously gets ppretty nerdy about this stuff.

Fear not though gentle readers, for I went armed with my camera to capture some of the fair (and to give me something to do while he talked shop!) I took a fair few photos so am splitting this over two days (Mammasaurus/Bestival stylee) – one post for some of the amazing woodwork (now whose the forestry geek?) and one post for some of the people shots!

I forgot to set the white balance on my camera… just throwing it out there as a feeble excuse ;-)

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