Being a Girl

Being a Girl

It can be tough being a female. On top of dealing with emotions, puberty, periods, boys, friends, clothes and etc. We have to deal with most of the stereotypes and jokes that are made at our expense. We are all expected to fit this one perfect model of beauty. (Tall, skinny, beautiful and perferably blonde with blue eyes) While it's fine if you so happen to be one of those girls that do, there are so many of us who don't. So, even more of us are fighting everyday to try and fit that model, when we just can't. If everyone in your family is small you are most likely going to be short too. If your family has a tendency to be bigger than others (not weight wise, but like their bone structure) then there is no amount of dieting that you can do that will ever make you fit into a size 0 pair of skinny jeans.

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