Being a full-time mum whilst keeping those doors opening...

Being a full-time mum whilst keeping those doors opening...

I am very lucky to be able to choose to not work for a while to be with the kids. I have an irrational fear of missing out on things - I know that they don't stay this little and cute and infuriating for long. I can't bear not to be there practising watering with the little man as he totters about at gardening club or not to be the one collecting my little girl as she waits expectantly on the mat at playschool, ready to jump up and down with delight when she sees me. I don't have to miss that and that is an amazing privilege.

But of course part of me is thinking, what am I going to do??? What happens when they go to school? It will just be me and endless piles of laundry. By devoting your life to your children, you lose a sense of your own self and your own worth. I already feel my confidence slipping...I used to be a person with potential.

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