Before You Turn One

Before You Turn One

One year and nine and a half months ago, on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon, the bloke and I sat in KFC, a sleeping eight month old beside us in the pushchair and made the decision that we had the space in our hearts and lives to welcome another little baby. We decided that Dylan would make a wonderful big brother, and we dreamed up a little brother or sister for him.

One year and seven months ago, after a play-date with a friend which left me so tired, I had to ask my mum to look after Dylan whilst I had an afternoon nap. Later that evening, after a knowing look from her, I took a test and discovered there was a little person growing inside of me, a little squish.

One year and six months ago, the bloke and I nervously sat in the hospital waiting room, whilst Dylan and my mum enjoyed a slice of cake together in the cafe. We were taken into a dark room, and it was seconds before we saw a beautiful little heartbeat flickering away on the screen - we saw you for the first time.

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