Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon On a cold winter’s day in February, what you need to eat is a stew.   You could make one with meat, vegetables and stock.  A simple stew like that would be delicious, but on certain days you need to push the boat out a little and not hold back on the red wine.   On days like that a rich beef bourguignon is the stew to go for.   I read somewhere that a real bourguignon doesn’t contain any stock, just red wine, and so that’s what I’ve gone for here.  Thanks to Tesco, my trusty food and drink supplier.

The key to a good bourguignon is not to skimp on the wine.   I have to admit that I rarely use quite as much wine as this.  Normally I use a little bit, about a glassful.   After all, we want to have the rest of the bottle to enjoy with the meal.   This time I went to the other extreme pouring half the bottle into the pan and saving just a large glass each to enjoy with the meal.   At least I wasn’t cooking for more people, then there would have been none left!

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