Beef and Pudding, Manchester

Beef and Pudding, Manchester

I've been a bit absent in the whole 'Manchester dining scene' recently. To be honest, I've been pretty busy with a new job and baking too many cakes! I only found out Beef and Pudding was opening when I got an email from them. We couldn't make the preview nights, but we were in Manchester on the opening weekend for the Cake and Bake Show. It's just round the corner, so it would be rude not to eh?

Their corner site is impressive, with a smart exterior and those flashy neons that attract foodies like moths to a glowing lightbulb. Inside is just as grand, with a mixture of high benches, regular tables and leather booths. We could see into the busy kitchen, which appeared to be run like a well regimented battalion, with staff running round left, right and centre.

We were greeted promptly and informed who our server would be for the afternoon. Our chap seemed a little nervous, and in the opening day excitement forgot to tell us about the craft beers on offer. My disappointed husband was served a pint of coke in a Tatton Brewery glass... evidence of treasure lurking behind the bar!

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