Becoming The Clichés I Mocked

Becoming The Clichés I Mocked

Hindsight is indeed 20/20; so is your vision, when you’re young— or for many of us, it is. It’s only later, much much later, that you start to look back on so many things, and say: Oh, now I get it. The scary part, however, is that by the time you’re saying that, it’s really too late. You don’t get it, you got it, and you’ve become a cliché. That is what I’ve been painfully realizing over the past year or two.

The awareness started creeping up on me, even before my kids started leaving the house; but, watching them leave— and watching myself react to their leaving, plunged me into a whole other world, full of irony and twisted logic; and, to my tremendous consternation, I’ve become some of the clichés I most dreaded, and in fact mocked.

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