Beauty and Skin Care in a Mixed Race Relationship

Quite recently I was chatting with a natural-haired friend of mine about hair products, salons and such. It was not long into the conversation when we both shared about products we used when were younger that we no longer use because of our partners. You see, we are both in mixed race relationships. Our chat made me wonder how much of our beauty and skin care regime do those of us who are in mixed race relations change because of our partners? Here’s my story... in my 20′s Palmer’s Coco Butter was a staple in mu skin care. I still had a few nicks and scratches from childhood that I’d hoped the coco butter would magic away. At one point, I was dating a non-black guy who commented on my smell of coco. I explained that some black women use coco butter on their skins because its great, and that I’ve been using it since childhood. He never said he didn’t like the smell it was, for him, a passing comment. However, for some reason I opted to change to unscented coco butter.

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