Beautiful Things By Jen Stanbrook

Beautiful Things By Jen Stanbrook - a beautiful space

Beautiful Things By Jen Stanbrook


The most beautiful day I ever had ……

It would be easy to say my Wedding Day, or the day my children were born, but to be honest, there are lots of beautiful days thankfully. This weekend I spent a few days with my oldest friend, sharing some wonderful memories, 25 years of friendship and a bottle of Champagne. Beautiful.

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen …

Some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, are the wonderful gifts that my eldest daughter makes me for any birthday or celebration. She designs, creates and carefully nurtures something truly beautiful out of scraps of tissue and imagination. And I save them all.

The most beautiful thing I have ever owned …

This would have to be my very first car. An old mini, blue coloured with a purple bonnet that cost just £200. Why was it beautiful? It gave me independence, freedom and lots of fun!

The most beautiful song I have ever heard …..

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