Beautiful Blossom

Beautiful Blossom

What glorious weather we have had over this bank holiday weekend. Thank goodness the weather forecasters got it so wrong. It has meant that we have been able to get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside that we live in and let the kids explore and burn f some energy that they seem to have so much of at the moment!

We went to one of our favorite park’s on Saturday, but as I was having a tech free weekend (something I and going to do once a month!) I didn’t take my phone out of the car whilst we were there so no photos.

Yesterday the eldest had a friend over and this usually means non-stop Xbox playing but not this time. They actually only spent about 45 minutes on the console. They, instead, wanted to get out in the lovely weather, play football and climb the blossom trees on the village green.

They even played with the younger two, although a bit rough at times but otherwise they had a lovely no-tech couple of hours out in the fresh air.

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