Beans and Moon Planting?

Beans and Moon Planting?

If there is one thing I have learnt about my gardening exploits it is that if I grow something well one year there is ABSOLUTELY no guarantee that it will be a success the next year! And vice versa of course. Last year I had an abysmal crop of Broad Beans. This year I have loads. LOADS!!

So why the difference? Better weather? More manure in the soil? Fewer pests? Good gardening practices? Luck? To be honest I don't know but many a French gardener may have an answer ... the Moon. Every year garden centres and the like sell books detailing gardening by the phases of the moon. Different crops (root, stem, leafy etc) should be sown at specific phases of the moon cycle for optimum cropping. Hmmmm? Can you tell I am not convinced? In fairness it might work but not for me. My gardening and sowing generally takes the following form:

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