Beachy Beauty: Normans Bay

Beachy Beauty: Normans Bay

We're so lucky in Lewes, to have so many beautiful shingle beaches nearby to choose from. But I love the idea of a sandy beach. So on a recommendation, we went with friends to Normans Bay in East Sussex on Monday. It was a day when summer suddenly returned after a week of autumnal scents drifting into the air.

On arrival, mine weren’t best pleased. There appeared to be a steep, shallow beach of SHINGLE! Where was the sand? Why had we packed buckets? Where was the sand? How were we supposed to make castles? WHERE WAS THE SAND? Why had I got it wrong?

We pacified, then picnicked, then played, until the friends’ departure on the 3.30 train.

At which point, almost in an instant, the tide began to creep away. And the beach became another beast.

My children hooted for this huge SANDY beach that suddenly revealed itself, like a silent secret the sea had been waiting to tell us. The boys got over their fear of the waves and paddled – the little one revelling in the pad-pad-padding sound his feet made on the glassy surface of the sand.

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