Be-Jazzled Cake

Be-Jazzled Cake

Yesterday was of course Mothering Sunday, but it was also Jenson’s 3rd birthday. I did not want a fuss made of me when it was my youngest boy’s special day, afterall mother’s day is every year but it is not every year you turn 3! I was given a lovely homemade card by Burton which he had made at school which he excitedly gave it to me at 7am, and I almost -almost! – got a cup of tea in bed but then the birthday boy woke up and that was that!

Anyway, Sunday was all about my little monkey and his monkey birthday party and monkey cake, so today I decided to make myself my own belated Mothers Day cake because cake is for any day and not just special occasions *ahem* ! However, to have a break from more baking after making 2 birthday cakes over the weekend, I decided to make my own cake the lazy way and I used ready made sponges *shock horror*!

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