Bathroom Makeover for FIFTY QUID?!

Bathroom Makeover for FIFTY QUID?!

If you were given fifty quid to do up a room in your house, what would you do? Do you think it’d even be possible? Where would you start?! Well, I was given this momentous task by MoneySupermarket, with their new challenge. Ya ready? The Home Improvement Hero challenge. Ha! I know. I have no idea what possessed me to think I was capable of this, I blame the exuberant overconfidence that coffee gives me. Anyway, with £50 in my pocket and an overwhelming sense of fear, I chose to do up my bathroom. I say I chose, more like the bathroom wept and pleaded with me to do something to help it. It was in a very, very sorry state. Seeing as it’s a pretty basic room with not a lot to it, it always gets totally neglected, with me thinking ah, it’ll only take half an hour to sort out, and leaving it to fester again for a few months.

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