Barleylands Farm and...whats that? A craft centre?!

So last week The Husband had the week off and we decided to visit a few local places that we’d been putting off for a bit. Barleylands Farm was one at the top of my ‘Nice Places I Want To Go To’ list. I mean, admittedly it was a bit lower down the list than Barbados but two small kids rather ruins your chances of a daiquiri on the beach anyway. Anyway, I’m sure Barbados is rubbish in the spring where as Barleylands? Baby lambs. Yep, because it’s spring you want to be seeing and feeding some baby lambs, right? Having not really researched Barleylands before we went I wasn’t sure what it would be like, but it was fantastic! The grounds feel open and spacious, they have all the animals you’d want to see and it really felt like they’d thought about what their visitors are actually like. Case in point, these bad boys were left all over the place for kids to transport themselves around the farm.

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