#Baobab: the superfruit at the Eden Project

#Baobab: the superfruit at the Eden Project

I was offered some baobab fruit powder to try. It’s the ‘new superfruit’ that promises to boost energy levels and improve skin health. I could not say not to that offer. As you have heard me say time and again, “I’m tired and sleep deprived” added to that I’ll be 40 this week. If ever the there was a candidate to trial this product it’s ME! I have to say I was skeptical about giving it to me kids, additionally, I’m still breastfeeding Valentina. However, it seems to be safe for kids to eat. I would suggest if you've never used baobab before and you are breastfeeding, or if your child has food allergies, for your own peace mind check with your GP before using. I was aware of the fruit before being told about the powder, as I’m currently using natural afro hair products that contain the fruit, with good results. I've been using Eden Project’s baobab powder intermittently for three weeks; while I don’t feel like Wonder Woman yet my dishes have been enhanced by its flavour.

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