Banoffee Pie Bundt Cake

Banoffee Pie Bundt Cake

I love baking for friends. I get more enjoyment from watching other people eating my cakes than I do from eating them myself! One of the constant sources of bundt inspiration over the last few years has been my friends and colleagues. I've often referred to them on my blog as my 'tame tribe of guinea pigs' because they'll have a bash at pretty much anything (except the two who fear sultanas).

They were there at the dawn of the Dollybakes bundt obsession... that week where I made Matilda about five times in order to get it just right. They have tried ingredients outside of their comfort zones, humoured me when I've had hair-brained ideas, and even scoffed the ridiculous chocolate and beetroot bundt (I still maintain beetroot tastes of nothing but soil).

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