Banned from buying Pinot Grigio

Banned from buying Pinot Grigio

Eight pm on a wet Wednesday in November and my daughter and I were driving back to Dorset. We’d been stuck in rush-hour traffic for hours so we decided to stop at a motorway service station, buy a coffee and pick up some groceries from Waitrose. At the last minute I threw a bottle of Pinot Grigio into the shopping basket and, chattering 19 to the dozen, we patiently waited our turn in the queue.

When we got to the till the young assistant smiled at us, glanced at the wine and said to my daughter: “I’ll need to see your ID for that.” We both laughed merrily and waited for him to start scanning our items. “I’ll need to see your ID,” he repeated – and finally the penny dropped. He wasn’t joking...

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