Banana Flavoured Turtle Cake

Banana Flavoured Turtle Cake

This cake may look good for a beginner, although a bit amateurish if you’re an expert already, but it really is about the easiest cake you can make.   No beating of separate ingredients and then mixing together, you just throw everything in the food mixer and it’s done within a few minutes.   Ok, you do need to mash the banana with a fork first, but that should take less than a minute if the bananas are nice and soft.

I have used the same mixture and made it as a turtle but also just as a plain round cake to snack on and it really does stay lovely and moist however you choose to serve it.   It doesn’t need the icing if you’re just making it as an everyday cake for snacks.   But, because banana cakes tend to be denser than ordinary cakes, it stands up very well to being decorated, which is why it’s a great cake to consider for children’s birthdays.

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